About Us


Founded in 2015 by Engineers and Designers from the world’s leading Flame and Gas Detection companies. We’ve come together to deliver truly the next generation products designed from the ground up for maximum reliability. Using feedback from hundreds of customers, we’ve aimed to make our product line easy to install, immune to false alarms, and last far longer than the warranty. The DI products are designed for safety, security and to give our customers a peace of mind, while providing an economically competitive solution.


To provide superior detection solutions to save lives and property. The DI team focused on developing optical flame detection product lines based on direct voice of the customer metrics. The products are designed for our global customers in industries such as Oil & Gas (onshore & offshore), Semiconductors, Aircraft Hangers, Finishing and General Purpose Applications.


The objectives for the design were False Alarm Immunity (FAI), Field of View (FOV) & Complete coverage. These objectives were quickly achieved by our team due to the extensive experience acquired working in the detection industry. The accumulated experience within our team is well over 100 years in R&D, Engineering, Design and market research.


There are three main issues in optical flame detection, Field of view, coverage and most important, false alarm immunity. We wanted to deliver products superior to existing technologies which solved issues we know existed within current flame detection products.


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